Quiz on Operating System

Quiz on operating system – this quiz is based on Operating System. In this quiz includes 7 quizzes which you should know

Windows Operating system is not a multitasking operating system?

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windows is a multitasking operating system like Linux operating system. In Windows OS you can run multiple programs at a same time. ex- you can use excel and play YouTube videos at a same time and also in a single screen.

Windows UI is based on:

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GUI - Graphical User Interphase CUI - Command Line Interphase

Select the correct statement:

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DOS is a operating system, based on Command line Interphase. DOS fullform is Disk Operating System.


Android is a operating system?

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Android is a most popular operating system for mobile devices.

Which of the following is not a Operating System?

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Which of the following is Operating System?

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What is kernel?

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Kernel is core program of operating system. Kernel is the main layer between Operating system and hardware. It controls the all services and resources of hardware.

Can we run our Computer/Mobile devices without operating system?

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We can not use our computer/mobile device without operating system. operating system is a mediator between user and computer hardware. Operating System provide instruction to hardware and manage all the process of hardware. Kernel is a core part of Operating System.

Computer Quiz on Operating System

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Operating System – Operating System is a program which is used for interact with computer hardware. It Performs all basic tasks like file management, memory management, processing management etc.

Functions of operating system – Operating system is provide user interphase and makes easy to work on computer. some operating system functions point given bellow.

  • Security
  • Control system performance
  • Coordination between application software and user
  • Memory management
  • Process management
  • Device management
  • Memory Management

Types of operating system – 5 type of operating System given below

  • Batch Operating System
  • Time sharing Operating System
  • Distributed Operating System
  • Network Operating System
  • Real Time Operating System

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