What is e-SHRAM Seva portal?

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What is e-SHRAM Seva Portal?

  • Government to launch e-Shram portal – national Database on Unorganized personnel (NDUW), on 26th of August.
  • E-Shram portal will assist toward the lots desired focused identification of the unorganized workers, our nation developers, the ‘Shram Yogis’.
  • Centre will release the e-SHRAM portal on August 26 (Thursday). The portal will preserve a database of human beings inside the unorganized sector. The people can be able to register themselves on the portal shortly after its launch.

Aim of e-SHRAM Seva portal

The Centre is aiming to join up 38 crore unorganized workers which includes construction labours, migrant workforce, street vendors, and domestic workers among others.

Labour minister Yadav said on the aspect of the portal, a country wide toll free range 14434 also can be launched to help and address queries of the those who’re seeking out to get themselves registered.

workers can sign up at the e-SHRAM portal through their Aadhar card range and monetary group account details; they want to fill other crucial facts which incorporates date of beginning, mobile extensive variety, place of origin and social class.

people might be supplied with an e-SHRAM card that lets in you to have a 12 digit precise variety. The goal at the back of the flow is the combination of Centre’s social security schemes.

The details of employees may also be shared by means of the state government and departments.

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